Often finding the starting point is a challenge.

How do we start?

Finding the starting point is often a challenge.
How do we start?

Our first meeting.  We appreciate any background material sent in advance.  We’re generous with our time and like to get to know you, your company/products and services.   During this meeting we are synthesising your views and objectives.  There is no need to preparetoo much, we are  skilled in guiding the conversation and asking the right questions to understand your needs. 

Is there a charge for the first meeting or the proposal and when do charges start?

There is no charge for the first meeting, or the proposal.  HPR will provide a quote, which on sign off and confirmation, work commences.

What next?

HPR will advise you of the suggested next step.  Sometimes this will be in the form of proposal, on occasion this will be a discussion document or suggestions on how we might  proceed. 

Workshops, strategy, planning, what do we need?

Most campaigns start with a workshop, scoping or planning meeting, call it what you may.  These vary enormously from client to client.  We facilitate a meeting to ensure all requirements are met.  The fee is dependent on the number of participants, objectives and outcomes.  This is also a great way for the client to understand more about PR and marketing with similar case studies, simulated interviews, developing feasible objectives and outcomes.   Milestones, measurables and ROI are measured against the strategy. 

How do retainer fees work?

The fee is based on the degree of expertise required to ensure success.  There is no hourly fee in retainer campaigns.   Outcomes are decided and agreed ensuring that clients are not limited in any way, with the security of an agreed budget and luxury of working without time constraints.

When do we receive the proposal?

There is a lot of time and thought, research and analysis in a proposal.  It’s not a standard template.  (I wish.) A proposal takes about a week to prepare, ideally the more time we have the more thought and time we can offer.  Of course we can turn them out quicker if time is of the essence.

Tactics Strategy Proposal – it’s confusing.

The proposal will define how we will develop the strategy.  Strategy is an overall plan or campaign.  Tactics are the techniques or activities used to carry out the plan.

What tactics are implemented?

There are lists of tactics we employ, all valuable and useful in their own right.  The implementation of the strategy is the path to success.   The song: "it's not what you do - but how you do it" summarises tactics.

Who will be involved in our campaign?

The principal is your main point of contact.  If the campaign calls for specialists, such as technical/tender writers or trainers, event people or extra hands these are quoted/agreed in advance.

Will clients be passed to a junior?

Never – that’s the advantage of an independent boutique firm.  Who you meet at the first meeting will be the person working on your account.  The big agency model usually relies on senior executives to win the account for juniors to implement.  

Is there a conflict of interest?

HPR believes there is no conflict of interest if all the parties are aware of who our clients are.  We have worked for competing companies, and indeed, even been referred business by competitors.  Once you become our client, we are completely transparent about who we are working with.

Issues and crisis management.

The aim is to manage the issue before it becomes a crisis.  But if a crisis arises be assured we have an accomplished team of experts with the highest possible contacts and credentials in Australian media.  Issues management can be on an hourly rate or a small base retainer to keep HPR on call.

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