Public Relations

Like family – our media relationships have been built and nurtured over a lifetime.

Negotiating with journalists is a highly specialised skill which requires in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations.

Research and analysis is the backbone of any campaign and every step of PR is backed up by these disciplines.

Like family – our media relationships have been built and nurtured over a lifetime.

What makes news – our favourite topic. A pleasure to explain. Anyone can write a media release: so can you, take paper, write something and add the words media release to the headline, and you have a media release.

Features, profiles and case studies, they each have myriad uses. Online readers love them, your clients love them and best of all media love them as backgrounders, either to accompany a media release, or as an update on what you're doing.

An essential element of the complete brand quiver. Newsletters can be adapted for online and print to inform, educate or entertain.

We can assist with a launch event at any level, providing as little or as much assistance as required. For major brand sponsored events, corporate entertainment we can help devise hooks on which to hang your publicity hats to attract media attention.

Analysing competitor messages, coverage and key trends on and off line is the cornerstone of communications strategy. By keeping ahead of the competition and commenting on emerging trends ones become a thought leader. Monitoring is key to being aware of, and responding to any opportunities or threats.

A forensic approach to writing. Decades of perspiration was expended in the design and structure of content that is intuitive for easy access and understanding by the end users.

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