Works on a variety of accounts from small business to public entities both locally and internationally. Her speciality is media liaison and strategy.

Elizabeth Heusler's experience has been gained over 25 years, working across all aspects of public relations and marketing - locally and internationally. Elizabeth commenced her career with global organisation, Edelman PR in Melbourne, after initial training in journalism, where she handled a variety of corporate and consumer clients including international lifestyle and property exhibitions. Elizabeth transferred to Europe to further her career in London as a public relations consultant again with Edelman. This led to an opportunity to hone her skills in the booming European arena, based in Spain for twelve years.

Do you really need public relations?  This is largely rhetorical. Every individual, company and association has public relations.

Public relations describe the relationship with various publics: clients, employees, stakeholders, distributors and particularly the dynamic online and traditional media that transmit messages to these groups.

Communication with these diverse audiences requires not only specialist skills but also in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations.

The question then isn’t, “do you need public relations?” because like family relations, you’ve already got them.

The real question is; how to best manage these relationships? That's where the Heusler team can help.

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