If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear, it does it make a sound?

Ensure that content is received by the right audience and doesn't go to the loggers.

Strategy + Tactics = measurements

Strategy is the overall plan for the brand.  Tactics are techniques or activities to implement the plan. 

Like family – our media relationships have been built and nurtured over a lifetime.

Negotiating with journalists is a highly specialised skill which requires in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations.

Bespoke sessions are developed for specific industries and their executives.

Workshops can be informative, educational and entertaining.
Media training for CEOs, professional services, medical, pharmaceutical, corporations and litigation support.

An issue ignored is a crisis invited

Need help right now? Often the starting point for any situation is a calm and experienced head to counsel unemotionally and subjectively.

Often finding the starting point is a challenge.

How do we start?

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