Chemotherapy under-dosing scandal wherein the NSW Minister for Health implicates prominent oncologist Dr Kiran Phadke.

Sick, vulnerable patients and their families are anxious, the public alarmed and the medical fraternity concerned.  The Minister is called to account and the oncologist is damned.   The impacts are profound. 

The media conference announcement that started it all.

“Dr. Kiran Phadke, who worked at St. George and Sutherland hospital in Sydney’s south is now also believed to have mistreated his cancer patients for as long as 13 years by prescribing inappropriate doses of cancer drugs. Dr Kiran Phadke, who was working until April, gave lower-than-recommended doses of chemotherapy drugs to his patients, affecting at least three of them.  Two of his patients are now dead while investigations are continuing into 14 other cases,” Ms Skinner said.

Read how solid PR strategy turned the villain into a hero, or according to radio station 2GB “a rockstar oncologist”. 

Our case study demonstrates the key points of crises management strategy.

  1. Get the facts – stay away from opinion
  2. Control the narrative – put your view across
  3. Back everything with evidence

Read Dr Kiran Phadke Chemotherapy under-dosing scandal Case Study

Dr Kiran Phadke Chemotherapy under-dosing scandal



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Dr Kiran Phadke - Chemotherapy under-dosing scandal